Thursday, 20 November 2008

Environment Progress

A good deal of the texturing for the interior scene has now been completed.. There is at least now a placeholding texture on pretty much everything, but there are still updates and changes to come, and the scene is yet to be lit. But it gives a pretty good idea of the overall look now :)

Also, following on from the cottage concept posted at an earlier date on this blog, here's an early work in progress for the workshop exterior itself. We feel that the shots containing this building are likely to have locked off cameras, meaning that I'll be free to bring in a lot of 2d elements to help enhance this scene.

We're now working on getting things organised to begin blocking out our 3D pre-vis, which will feature a number of improvements and changes made since we posted the 2d animatic. This'll be uploaded as soon as we have it ready :)

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